Anyone know how to reset kantu and chrome with batch? this script doesnt work

taskkill /F /IM chrome.exe /T
timeout 10 > NUL
start "" "E:\Kantu\batch\Run Profile 1.bat"
start "" "E:\Kantu\batch\Run Profile 2.bat"
start "" "E:\Kantu\batch\Run Profile 3.bat"
&& exit

it kills all chrome and kantu instances then relaunches it. i need to do it periodically.

I run it with XRUN.
but when I run it manually, it works.

from XRUN, it doesnt work.

why that happens? Run Profile 1.Bat is just starting html autorun.

i dont get why it doesnt work from kantu but from windows does

Try this solution for me works

I run every file/software.


i removed the line that destroys chrome.exe process. and now i get this:

after executing xrun. gotta try your method. i just need to restart chrome and start over. but im worried ur method will not work

I use Kantu for firefox and with firefox i close others task manager process and works.

I do not know well Chrome because i prefer using Kantu for firefox.

I already use taskkill to close firefox and Kantu when it’s freezed and working.

With firefox I must close these process:

taskkill.exe /F /T /IM firefox.exe
taskkill.exe /F /T /IM crashreporter.exe
ping -n 1 localhost >nul 2>&1

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wow, here after i deleted chrome.exe, new chrome and kantu wouldnt create themselves
your command worked though, i need to implement it to my project and see if it works