Any way to hide the code?

I’m using RPA to make a bot for a browser game, sorry im not going tell cause i dont want to alert game admins, first i did for personal use, but as the bot works better i began to think of make some money of it, but with the source code easily readable i fear i will only sell to 1 person before is leaked.

Also i’d like to know if there is a way to runa macro from a remote web server, this way i can keep the macro in my server and let only the customer access the macro and run from my server without seeing the code.

You can not hide the RPA software code. But, as you suggested, you can run the macros on your server, this way the code is 100% hidden.

To do so, make a website the user clicks a button, and then this triggers the macro to run on your server via the command line API.

If you use XClick, note that this RPA command requires an unlocked desktop. But this is a not a big issue, just something to be aware of.

But if the macro runs in my server… the IP is the one from my server? because as many games this one have ip check and if a lots of players have my server ip they are going to be banned and this is not good for my bot reputation.

In your machine you can use a vpn to change your ip and install multiple virtual machine to have multi different ip with proxy or vpn.