Any way to detect web autoupdates (notification)

I’m working on a macro for a web that autoupdates itself, the web is one where people uploads videos, if you keep the web open the last video will change in real time as soon as the user upload it, the locator of the last video is always ***********.video_lastvideo, while the others are video_ramdonlettersandnumbers, when a new video is uploaded the old last video receives a ramdonlettersandnumbers behind and the new one becomes video_lastvideo and so on.

The macro is for downloading the last video as soon as is uploades but to do that the only way i found is compare the others videos, if they change i supposed they moved because a new video was uploaded and proceed to download it, the problem is videos can be updated as fast as 1 each 30 seconds, or as slow as several hours without videos, but the macro must be always running to no lose any.

Researching in firefox web inspector (F12) i noticed the web everytime a new video is loaded send:

<< Notification: .live.thumbs/videouploadnotification

And i supposed is the signal the web uses to tell the browser there are changes that need to be rendered and show.

How can i use kantu to look for these notifications and only download videos when one is detected?