Antidetect browser

Hi everyone,

I’m currently exploring the use of UI Vision in combination with Python and an antidetect browser to automate some account creation tasks. For those unfamiliar, antidetect browsers allow for the management of multiple browser profiles, each with unique characteristics to prevent detection as a bot. They can be controlled via Selenium and an API similar to regular Chrome, but with enhanced privacy features.

Here’s what I need to figure out: Normally, with Chrome, you can launch several profiles, each maintaining its own cookies and sessions. My question is whether it’s possible to control each of these profiles with a specific UI Vision script, executing different scripts in separate tabs or windows simultaneously.

Moreover, I’d like to apply this setup using my antidetect browser. Before I go ahead and hire someone to help set this up, I want to confirm whether it’s feasible to load multiple scripts in UI Vision and run each one in a different tab or window, whether it’s with different profiles or even the same one, in a setup that mimics “normal” Chrome behavior.

Has anyone here worked on something similar or can confirm if this is possible? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!