Am I on the right track?

Hello all,
Sorry for my bad english … so I’m trying to explain :
I’m the computer engineer for my school and I need to find a way to automatically extract every night from a hudge database different lists of informations from our students.

This database is managed by our ‘state government’ and the only way I’ve to do that is to create something using a REST API collection created for that database.

Because of security, I’ve to use a certificate for my https resquests and the html 1.1 langage.

Finally… I’m completely new in REST API systems and UI Vision. So, before studying that I just wanted to know if you think I could use UI Vision to automate my requests …

I have a small budget to hire an external consultant to start my project on the right way
Per advance, thanks to all for your help

Yes, this sounds like a task RPA can do.