Allow access to file URLs function (chrome)

I do installation for UI Vision extension for Chrome with PowerShell through registry to multiple machines and notice the ‘Allow access to file URLs’ option is missing or not visible once installed.

Is it possible to set the option on manually elsewhere? E.g. on the UI interface or anywhere else through the registry? Is there any other method to enable the function through code?

Just to clarify the task: You want to automatically roll out UI Vision RPA to a large number of PCs and need some kind of automated installation? And everything works except turning on Allow access to file URLs?

Yes, I have a Powershell script that does the installation through the registry, but noticed the ‘Allow access to file URLs’ option is missing or not visible.

I use Kantu for firefox and run it via batch file, sometimes give me this message “Allow access to file URLs” but i allowed it.

Only when i run Kantu via batch file (similar powershell) sometimes show this message “Allow access to file URLs” it’s a bug of Kantu usually appears when browser load slowly.

I think similar case is for Chrome.

In Chome go to More tools > Extensions > “Details” for the UI.Vision extension then toggle the “Allow access to file URLs”

I am aware that option is available under Extensions > Details for standard installation. But the option is missing when I installed it through Powershell installation via registry. (see attached)