All macros "not found" in Chrome, after clearing cache with CCleaner

After clearing cache on my laptop using CCleaner, all macros (including demo) stored in UI.Vision RPA (chrome extension) were “not found”.

The last “played” macro is still there, but nothing happens when clicking the “Play Macro” button.

Can only be run after clicking the “Save” button.

Is this a bug? see screenshot below.

After clear cache, UI.Vision RPA (6.3.1) Chrome extension :

CCleaner settings for Chrome :

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UI.Vision RPA: 6.3.1
Chrome: 96.0.4664.45
CCleaner (free): 5.83.9050 (64bit)

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue, I confirmed it. But this is not a bug in the RPA software, it is a problem of CCleaner.

UIVision (and many other extensions) store data in the so called HTML5 local storage. Technically this is nothing else than a small local database that is managed by the web browser. Once you delete this file, the data is gone. And it seems CCleaner is removing this file. So in other words, CCleaner is not only cleaning the browser cache, but is brute-force wiping every Chrome file in the harddrive. That is why CCleander demands Chrome to be closed before doing its cleaning.

Now, whether is this a bug or a feature of CCleaner depends on your point of view :wink:

Solutions: Do not use CCleaner for Chrome, or use hard-drive storage mode.

All local storage macros gone: