Aliexpress with UniteXpress

Hello there,
please help me out please
I’m using unitexpress chrome plugin for aliexpress
I want to click on about 50 buttons per page so I don’t have to do it manually and then i want to go on the next page and do it all again
how can I create macro that clicks on each button(all 50 of them) that imports a product and then clicks on the next page.
I tried to do it but it says that there’s some kind of error after 3rd click, basically it doesn’t work properly,
could someone create it so I can dowload it.

Can you post a screencast of how it works now? Then we can see where it fails and suggest solutions.

i have managed to solve that issue but there is another one…
when i run the macro it click 50 times on the 50 button and then clicks on the next page and then it goes to the url and repeats it… i want to go on the next page so it can click buttons 50 times and then next page and so on, i dont want it to click in the same link in a loop, how can i do that


and what * [error]

Cannot read property ‘tab’ of undefined means

  1. For the “50 clicks” issue, a screencast would be useful to understand what is going on

  2. “Cannot read property ‘tab’ of undefined means” => It means currently a special tab like the chrome://extensions/ is open, and Kantu can not run any macros there.

Solved both issues

Can i run multiple macros at the same time?