After XClick wait for next XClick execution

I run the script in desktop-automation-mode. After XClick the download of some csv-files starts and takes some time, depending on the load of the server. After one or two hours the download is ready and the last entry in a visual list is “Export beendet”. When this entry occurs, I want to select the menue “file:quit” with some XClicks an quit the application. I tried pause|7200000. This ensures, that the downloads are all done, but the XClick-commands after pause are not completely executed. Are there any suggestions?

What does this mean? Does the macro hang? Or XClick runs but does not do what it should do?

Different topic: Instead of a hard-coded Pause statement you could use visualAssert or visualVerify to wait for the image of “Export beendet” to appear. See If {picture} then {do this}

Thanks, i will test it.