Adobe Flash Click Button and Screenshot Step Help


I want to take screenshot (if possible, window then save all screenshot) and click button in adobe flash player (swf) webpage , so on… And this will be loop;

1- screenshot (not full page [if possible] screenshot - all same dimension and save ),
2- click (next page button in flash player),
3- screenshot (not full page [if possible] screenshot - all same dimension and save )
4- click (next page button in flash player), …

I used VisualAssert and ClickAt but kantu click all flash window, not button.


“CreationDate”: “2018-9-9”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “visualAssert”,
“Target”: “utzyFG_dpi_192.png”,
“Value”: “”
“Command”: “clickAt”,
“Target”: “#efp”,
“Value”: “”

The current version of Kantu “only” works on normal websites (this means HTML based websites), not on browser plugins such as Adobe, and not outside the browser window (e. g. it can not automate other browser extensions) and can not click on browser toolbar buttons (e. g. extension icons).

The solution in all these cases is to use SeeShell Desktop Automation - as the name suggests, it can click and automate anything on the Windows desktop.

For Flash Automation you can also use SeeShell Web Automation - it automates Flash inside Google Chromium. This has the advantage that everything happens inside the SeeShell Chromium Browser, and you can continue to work on your desktop.

Thank you TechSupport,

I use Desktop Automation that you suggest. I don’t have any problem in clicking in flash, thank you again.

But, I want to make a loop for click and screenshot process. I have 2 problem,
1- According to loop number, the all process must be done. But, Screenshot file name start from first loop number to final loop number. For example, for first loop; file name will be 1.png and second loop - 2. png. …
2- I’m not sure but, when I test these process, image can not saved to the default folder. Maybe, this is because of getting error message.

Note: Can I take specific window size’ screenshot; Only specific area? not all chrome page.


Just to clarify: You want to take a screenshot, and in the first loop the screenshot file should be “1.png” and in the second loop “2.png” (and so on)?

First of all thank you again, admin.

My purpose is save all presentation pages in page numbers by taking full window screenshot . And then I used photo editting program to crop all these screenshots to exact presentation size. Then make pdf from cropped images.

Your question’ answer is:
Loop will be something like that;
Screenshot and save image - (file name: 1.png)
Screenshot and save image - (file name: 2.png)
Screenshot and save image - (file name: 3.png)


Can you help me? Thanks.


The following should work:


but currently it does not work :frowning: => Currently the !loop variable is not replaced with its value in the screenshot command. Since this is a small issue, I think we can fix this still as part of the upcoming September update in 1-2 weeks.

Ok, thank you I’ll wait. But is there any other way to make a different name? Let we say computer time, or random number or random text etc…? Of course, if it will be continue as an order, appreciated. Or I will rename all. The important think is the save in a different name.

Dear Admin,

Could you please give me any alternative solution?


You can use the Javascript command to generate for example a date and time stamp (see Demo-Javascript). But this again requires the variable parsing bug to be fixed (which will happen soon). (If you are a SeeShell PRO user, you can also request an internal beta version where the bug is already fixed.)

This issue is fixed with SeeShell V3.3.0.3 :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
thanks for the helpful information!