[Admin Required] Download expired when open from Powershell

Just a normal case, click the download button, and it download the file. It’s working totally fine when I run the macro directly(with or without OnDownload). But when I use the powershell, or even just the HTML Page, it will fail.

More detail:

  1. When not using OnDownload, the click is normally clicked, and the macro is run successfully. But there’s not file downloaded.
  2. When using OnDownload, after click the the download button, macro will freeze. After 10s, it will fail with [error] until: download start expired!
  3. Just this website has problem. The other website I’m downloading from are ok when open from Powershell.
  4. I noticed, when click download, this website will pop a new tab so quick and download the file. But when I open the macro from powershell, no window is popped. And on the other website, after clicking the button, it just download and no new tab show up.

This is:

  • Windows 10
  • Chrome 84
  • RPA 5.9.5

Not sure if it’s a bug of RPA, mayber it’s the problem of the website. Thanks anyway.

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Hi, do you still see the same issue with the latest RPA beta?