Adding visual cues as to what is the macro doing

I like that when I use the OCRExtractRelative or visualSearch commands I get these boxes on the website showing where the macro looks. It gives me a visual cue as to in which step the macro is and where it’s looking. It’s very helpful in debugging the macro. Is it possible to add such things manually? Little boxes at the elements the storeText command is reading for example and such. I often add a lot of “echoes” in my macro for debugging, but having a visual cue would be awesome.

For storeText my “trick” is to replace it with CLICK while developing and debugging RPA .
The Click command does have a visual indication, so I can see if the locator is correct :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply!

Indeed, click command has that. I can’t really use it, as the elements I’m reading are active, but for the debugging, sure. Actually, for the debugging, you can use the “Find” button at the storeText command. It will highlight the element it’s going to read later when the macro is run, but still, it would be nice to see it reading as the macro is running. But it’s just a nitpick…