Add copy protected licensed macro remote execution for PRO and/or Enterprise Editions

Hello, i have some nice macros i’d like to sell or rent for use, the problem is as is open source, i fear i sell 1 macro to one client and then he shares the macro on the internet, and no more sales, also the run macro from remote site or embeded macros.
The problem is when the client “runs” the macro, its not running from the server, instead, first download the macro and then run the local copy, and the same problem, i have the source, so i can share it i can modify it and i dont need you anymore, thank you.

So i think it could be a great addition if you some way make than i can have a server storing my macros, and clients with paid licenses can connect to my server and run the allowed macros, the macro runs in my server and the client only does what the macro tell it to do, read a text, or click a buttton without watching the code, the same way you run a php from the web, you get the result of the execution but you never see the php code.
Also if this can be done, need a license management system, so you can give licenses to users, like number 1234abcd and then give permissions to run only allowed macros.

Every browser is different how you can manage this problem ?

And if a customer do not install xmodules and buy yout macro how can work ?

In my opinion is very hard to sell macro with these limits.

There is more users can not install xmoduiles in this case a macro can not work.

Some macros work well in firefox and not in Chrome and the other way around.

In my opinion your idea is not realizable.

So in your opinion if 100% of posible buyers cannot use the macros, then the idea is not realizable, ok dude.

In my opinion if the buyer really want to use the macro he will adapt and installl al the necesary requirements, havent you found any program than ask you to install Java runtime or net framework or visual basic or other requirement, “oh this program ask me to install a requirement, i wont use it” also my macros are tested on chrome and firefox but in the case it would only work on firefox, just install it and be done, and if you dont want, well, i still have the customers who use firefox or are willing to install, but you say, hey may be some one out there than dont want to install xmodules and dont want to use another browser, your idea is not realizable, sorry guy but you saying nonsense.

I agree. Selling UI Vision macro is certainly doable, just like some people sold iMacros macros years ago (before iMacros development stopped).

The open question is how you protect them - and as you said, this can not be done.

But this is not a big issue as you might think: Most users do not post or share the macros that they have purchased. So if you sell a macro now, it probably takes a year or two before it shows up in an online forum - and by this time it is outdated already.


Only a user who does not know ui vision can buy a macro because it is very easy to use and you can make any macro yourself. I can automate any site myself. For many jobs, on the other hand, there are more efficient software on the internet and they are available for free (for example the file download is not efficient with ui vision, I use download managers that can download hundreds of files more efficiently than ui vision).

This can not be done, by me, a final user, but the developers of UI vision RPA can do, the same as thousand developers protect their programs with server-client licensed access, its like running a local macro but instead local, the macro is stored in a remote server and you run from the server without seeing the code, if PHP works this way i dont understand why UI vision can’t do something similar, and i’m sure many other people would buy a license from ui vision that allow them to sell their macros securely to 3rd persons, just like some shareware programs, if you dont pay you get watermarks and cannot sell the final product, if you pay, watermarks removed and legal to sell, this can be the same, wanna use ui vision for free for personal use and learning, ok, but the code is open, if you pay, the customer cannot see your code.

Without being disrespectful, your comments are really annoying because you relate everything to you.
You are neither the target of the service that kantuser wants to offer nor the target of the feature that he would like to set up.

Kantuser I totally support this idea which will make UI Vision even more interesting

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The problem is, you can’t even manage you own license for now. You can’t reset your licence, log out an instance etc. They say there is user limit but it’s not true. They really need to update this because it’s not professional at all.

I like that there is no hardware lock and no fancy/annoying copy protection. My guess is that they value user growth over strictly enforcing the license count. That is exactly what Microsoft did with Windows in the first 10-20 years :wink:

You can simply rent your server by having your ui vision used to do a job so user doesn’t own the macro code but can use the macro. With NODISPLAY option you do not show the code.