"Add" button appears over lines of code

Hi @admin,

Please help, since for some reason several “Add” elements appear over the lines of code. This “Add” should be displayed only once below the last line to add more lines. Check image below.

I use it with latest version of Chrome and UI Vision (9.1.5) under Windows10. The same issue happened with previous version of UI Vision.

Oh, that might be a side effect of the latest user interface updates. Do you get this always? I have not seen it yet.

Yes, I see this issue with current version 9.1.5 and from 1 or 2 versions ago of 9.1.5.

Doesn´t appear for all macros not for all lines of each macro. I’ve just tried closing IDE, open it again and any macro show that. but certainly every day that I work doing some macros I see the issue for the macros that I have. Maybe happens after editing a macro, adding o removing lines.