Accidentally changed browser zoom, now nothing works

I was building an automation, and was having pretty good luck until I accidentally changed the browser zoom, and after that, even when a target is found, the program clicks in the wrong place. What’s up with that?

Now when I take a screen shot, it gives me “dpi_87” on the image name, and never works. If I force the name to dpi_96, again it finds, but clicks wrong.

What broke, and how do I fix it???

I just did some testing, and browser zoom does not seem to be connected to the dpi, I was thinking that it scaled with it or something, but that seems not to be the case.

I mainly work on a VM for this work, and I now see that the vm is always now giving me 87 dpi, no matter what settings I choose for display size. The vm is running on ESXi and was working fine at 96 dpi when I started, maybe the host was low on resources?

But now you have the zoom back to 100% and it still records 87dpi?

What OS and what browser are you using?

Windows 10, and both Chrome and Edge continued to give 87 dpi… even screenshots were shifted and everything was even getting worse.

But then I noticed another forum post where it was mentioned that FireFox uses different x and y positioning so I switched to that, and now I’m back to 96 dpi and everything works.