Accessing a table cell on in a page

Is it possible to access a particular cell in a table on a webpage?

The table starts with <table class='PSQRYTABLELEFTBORDER', with headers <th scope='col' class='PSQRYRESULTSHDR' > and cells <td class='PSQRYRESULTSODDROW'

Any guidelines on what needs to be done in the macro and guidelines on what to look for in the web page would be appreciated.

So you want to change the web page itself? Do you have Javascript code to do so? If so, you can run it inside the page with Execute Script

There is a table in a page and then I enter a number in a form and the table updates. Currently I just put a pause in the macro that usually is enough time, but ideally I would like to check the first data value in the second column to check if the table has changed from before so I don’t have to wait longer than necessary or on occasion avoid not having waited long enough.

You can use visualAssert + test image to check for table changes. See here: Wait for the logo to disappear

Thanks. I was hoping it could all be handled in the script by just typing in what the cell contents should be. I presume I would need to take snap shots for every possible change in the table that I expect as I would be loading it with different data 20+ times and if anything changes I’d need to modify the images accordingly?