About payment methods

Hello devs! First of all I would like to thank you for the work you do on this tool that I can say has saved my life – for the hours I did have to spend on off-work hours doing very exhausting menial labour before I came up to your product.

Now for my question, do you plan on adding a subscription-based payment method for the two non-corporate products? For long I’ve been aiming to buy the PRO version to improve my macros, but due to making very little money and having a devalued currency ( I’m payed in Brazilian Real which is roughly 0.2 USD right now) the full price right now exchanged to BRL is more than my monthly salary!
I reckon there are other third-world users on the forum on the same situation as I since businesses where we live are still using very inefficient traditional methods of handling data.

Hi, you can contact us to discuss this further.