A question regarding alert-popups via storeEval


I’m currently searching for a way to display popups via Kantu.
I already read through various posts and the documentation of storeEval and found out, that alert only works for the focused tab of Chrome and prompt isn’t working at all. There is also the advice to use pause=0, but I can’t see the correlation between those two values.

So far I had no luck in achieving a popup in chrome with a basic text output.
I basically want it to show up in the very beginning of a macro as a little description.

Is it possible to display popups via storeEval and a js-alert?
I would be very thankful for a working example.

Thank you!

This is not yet possible, but a solution for PROMPT will be available soon.

Meanwhile, here is another idea to achieve this. You can use echo with #shownotification:

echo | this macro generates 5 reports | #shownotification

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The prompt command is available now.