A better editor to structure code

I love UI.Visison. However the editor is a bit underwhelming. For example if you have a unmatched block (if,times etc) there is no help as far as I can see to find the unbalance. I thought perhaps I could use the JSON and use another editor but nothing obvious came up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am not saying the editor great, but at least the automatic indention should help with that, or?


You can use notepad++ to edit ui vision macro code it’s free

Ui vision editor have not search and replace command

Again I don’t want to be negative. This is an AMAZING application. I feel so “powerful” being able to do what ui.vision can do. And yes the automatic indentation helps a little. But it always aligns to the “deepest” block so if you have nested levels it isn’t always obvious where the problem is. And the indentation isn’t very “deep”.

Let me explain

this is balanced


this is not balanced


I removed the END of the deepest IF statement but I think it is far from obvious that this is where the problem is.

and the error message I get is not very helpfull


I will be looking for a problem with the DO statement while the problem is actually with the IF statement.

If the levels had matched from the “outside” (and maybe a little deeper indent) the IF statement would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

This is of course an simplification. Imagine this with a bunch of code in between and it becomes even harder to spot the problem.

As far as Notepad++ and other fancy editors are concerned I don’t think they will help because the read the JSON file but don’t really “understand” the logic inside.

But THANKS for looking at this both of you. You always follows up and are a great resource!!