8.1.1 [error] No tab with id:

Using node.js to run multiple macros one after another reusing the same browser window:

However, since the upgrade to 8.1.1 whenever I run multiple macros ui.vision is throwing [error] No tab with id: .... The first macro will run without issue but as soon as the second macro starts I immediately get that error. One possible workaround is setting the continueInLastUsedTab=0 flag when loading the macro however this has to be combined with rewriting every one of my macros to close the current tab (selectWindow|TAB=CLOSE) in order to reattach to the previously active tab. Has anyone else run into this issue and come up with a better solution?

Thanks for this hint, we will test this ASAP! (It could be a regression bug we made while fixing the #180 error)

Meanwhile you can install the previous V8.0.1 again.

Please advise if the error #180 fixed in version 8.1.1

#180 is fixed, but there is a regression bug (as the user reported). The “tab id” shows if the browser is already open. We will fix this asap, should be easy.


I have the same problem, I cannot run any macro via the API.
I always get [error]No tab with id: 339724945.

Thanks for your help.

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Same here but suddenly fixed when i closed the browser and opened again ! I will post the experience after tests.

Issue confirmed and fixed, submitted to Chrome store => Fix for the “tab id” issue will be available within 1-2 days (V8.1.2).


I was finally able to test this with ui.vision 8.1.3 and the update did not fix the issue for me. As far as I can tell the update now completely ignores the continueInLastUsedTab parameter.

With 8.0.1, when I did not pass in a continueInLastUsedTab parameter (default: 1) and ran multiple macros back-to-back each subsequent macro would launch in a new tab and then immediately close that tab restoring the previously used tab and continue executing.

With 8.1.3, when I do not pass in a continueInLastUsedTab parameter it appears to have the exact same behavior as continueInLastUsedTab=0, the new tab is opened on subsequent macro runs and is never closed. I also tried explicitly setting continueInLastUsedTab=1 and experienced the exact same behavior, subsequent macro runs open a new tab and never close it.

We will test this further/again.