25x xType/xClick/xMove limit in Firefox

First of all, hey @admin !
I honestly love Ui.Vision, it has been helping me a lot with work. I ditched Power Automate for it because its so much simpler and parsing with JS natively has been a major source of convenience.
So, I work for a company that uses a proprietary web-ran solution for invoice processing, and the company mandates Firefox to run it for (unjustified) privacy reasons. I know you folks are working very hard on porting 9.x to Firefox but it’s still on 6.x, as we all know. I was wondering if it would be possible to release a hotfix just to increase Firefox 6.x version’s xType/xClick/xMove limit upwards like you mercifully did with Chrome? I’m not here pushing for 9.x in Firefox, just a hotfix so 6.x Firefox could maybe have 100 or 200 xTypes, if not infinite like Chrome, just to not force the old API solution until FF 9.x is released. Thank you very much!

There is an official workaround to remove the 25 commands limit in Firefox, too :grinning:

:point_right:See here :free:

I missed that when searching for a solution in the forums. Worked fine. Big thanks!