XType stopped working

XType was working fine, but now appears to be not installed. I tried reinstalling, following the steps I used previously (download, unzip, then in a terminal ‘bash 1install.sh’), but the settings still show both Xmodules as ‘Not Installed’.

I think it’s my fault, but I’d appreciate any tips on what to investigate. So far I’ve realised that the executables are not copied into ‘~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts’, but stay in whatever location the downloaded file was unzipped to. I must have deleted that directory during a clean up. The new download has been moved to a less temporary location, and the install performed from there. The JSON files appear to point to the correct directory, but I still get ‘Not installed’ reported when I check the Kantu settings.

This is a tricky question… is this on Linux?

Some questions to check:

  • Did you try to run the uninstall scripts “realuser_uninstall_chrome.sh” and “realuser_uninstall_firefox.sh”?

  • Do you see a file “com.a9t9.kantu.xy.chrome.json” in “/usr/lib/mozilla/native-messaging-hosts”?

  • If so, what path is behind: “path”: … ? It should be the path to the kantu host “kantu-xy-host” (= inside your new installation directory)

Apologies, yes it’s on Linux.
I’ve not tried to run the uninstall scripts.
I’ve checked “/usr/lib/mozilla/native-messaging-hosts”, and it doesn’t exist (/usr/lib/mozilla is there, just not the ‘native-messaging-hosts’ directory)

I’ve also realised that for my scenario I was using the wrong approach (I just want to grab the data from about 5 fields and put it in the clipboard), so I’m now using userscripts (TamperMonkey) instead.

If you want me to investigate this more, I’m happy to reinstall Kantu and supply more information.

Thanks for feedback. I am glad that you found a solution that works. Of course, Kantu could have done this as well with no XType required :wink:

I just want to grab the data from about 5 fields and put it in the clipboard

In Kantu, the best approach for this would be

  • Use storeText and storeValue to extract the data
  • use store | the extracted values | !clipboard to put it in the clipboard

and finally run this from a bookmark whenever you need to trigger it (no need to keep Kantu open).