Xtype - can't emulate plus (+) key

Hello all. Thanks for such a handy plugin and forum.

I got a task to automate saving blog posts, but run into a problem:
Blog platform is LiveJournal, it has a hotkey to expand all comments on a page:
“Ctrl” + “Alt” + “+”
I tried emulate these keys with xtype module but no luck. I read documentation and there is no “+” key constant. Ok, i remap “+” key to “Num_0” key (for example) with SharpKeys tool (https://github.com/randyrants/sharpkeys), it works manually, but it doesn’t in xtype. I tried remap “+” to other documented key, but still no luck.

So, the question is:
How can i emulate plus key?
Is any workarounds here?

Hi, the XRUN + VBS sendkeys method should help as KEY_PLUS workaround: I really need spacebar to work with XType or otherwise (Workaround availabe) - #2 by admin

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Hello, thanks for a tip, i’ll give it a try and post result.

Thanks again, Ulrich
It works like a charm.
P.S. For those who run into such problem like me, use {=} key in VBS because using {+} will additionally press Shift key, that may lead into unwanted behavior.

Great to read that the workaround solves the issue for now. Also, I added KEY_PLUS and KEY_MINUS support to our todo list for the next updates.

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Great to hear, thanks for quick response