XMove/XClick wrong position

I’m trying to automate some things in FB and I managed to do this using normal click commands.
However I’m afraid that FB will trigger the “bot flag” over time, so I’m trying to rewrite the macro using XMove and XClick, so it will feel more natural.

I can find the elements I want using xpath (complicated expressions but still possible).
However the XMove/XClick commands are placing the mouse about 10 pixels bellow the target area all the time. That makes the code to click on the wrong button/menu entry.

I am using win 10, single monitor (laptop) 1920/1080 125%, Vivaldi browser and UI version 5.9.3.

I’m thinking that I could solve the issue by adjusting the Y (and X in necessary) position with a fix value which works in my case. However I could not find a way to store the element location in a variable. Is that possible? I remember in Katalon it was possible using the command storeElementPositionLeft/Top etc.

I have same problem Xclick do not click correct element.

SOme days seems works, other days Xclick click a near position but not correct elment.

I suspect show this problem when the screen is dark color.

There is also a difference when window is maximized or not. When it is maximized the difference to the correct position is smaller (like 2-3 pixels only), so it works in general, except when trying to click on very small elements (where it still fails).

Anyway, my question was more about how I can get the location of an element and store it in a variable.

I use browser maximized always and I have this error.

Usually I do not use Xclick