Xmove or dragAndDropToObject need suggestion

Hi to all

I need a solution to move some sections in wordpress.

I do not used in the past Xmove or dragAndDropToObject commands i do not know it at this moment.

It’s possible to do this with regular selenium command ?

Can i use xpath or need image recognition ?

I add xpath
(//h3[contains(.,‘Features Section’)])[1]
(//h3[contains(.,‘Features Team’)])[1]



Some hints:

  1. The Selenium IDE “dragAndDropToObject” command works only on some websites. If it works, it works fast and reliable. But there are so many different drag and drop implemenations on the web, that it often does not work (same is true for the classic Selenium IDE)

  2. I recommend to use XMOVE for this:

  • XMove | locator | #down
  • XMove | new location |
  • XMove | new location | #up

We use the same principle to draw a square in the DemoXClick macro.

Can i use xpath or need image recognition ?

XPath can be used, if you find a good one (= the usual challenge :wink:
Otherwise you can use image recognition or even OCR:

  • XMove | ocr=About | #down

If you have a link to a demo website I can create a test macro.

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This section is wordpress with theme businessx

If you have chance to have wordpress and can install this theme in settings - apparence you find the slider menu.

Someone could give me a complete example of xmove with xpath (NOT image) please because I can not understand how this command works with xpath and I do not find examples in the forum nor in the site ui vision, thank you

Here xpaths to use in xmove
(//h3[contains(.,‘Features Section’)])[1]
(//h3[contains(.,‘Features Team’)])[1]