XModules Won't Install on Chrome

While attempting to debug my macro not running from Task Scheduler but IS running from a simple command line I decided to upgrade XModules. I attempted to install XModules version 2022a on Windows 10, Chrome 103.0.5060.114. RPA v.7.0.14 Things definitely have gotten squirrelly with RPA and Chrome in the last few weeks. Please help!

Hmm, that is strange. Because technically the existing XModules did not change in the 2022 version. The key difference is what we added a free local OCR feature (to be used by a future upgrade of UI Vision).

Quesition: If you check with UI Vision for Firefox, do you see the XModules there?

I’ve never used with Firefox but will try it out. The XModules I was upgrading was from the RPA v.6.3.3 era. I attempted to upgrade since my script was crashing after about 5 minutes with no error log entry.

Next week I am going to try to tear down Chrome completely and try with fresh everything.