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Most windows programs now have a portable version that does not require installation and you can move to any machine and this makes faster use.

I now use all portable programs the only program I have to install is xmodules it would be convenient to have even portable xmodules that I can copy and paste into any machine and would be immediately ready to use.

I use Chrome, firefox, filezilla, portable and are the same of installed version but you can move in another machine in fast and easy way (copy folder and paste it in new machine and works).

Have you thought to make a portable version of the RPA xmodules for windows (7/8/10) ?


We use native messaging to connect to the XModules. As far as we know, this can not be done without a basic installation (= adding some registry keys).

If you see a native messaging app that works as portable app, let us know and we will study it :wink:

Thanks for the clarification, I do not know this technology “native messaging” but I see that today all the software exist in portable version, so I thought that even xmodules could be realized in this mode.

But I don’t know the “native messaging” technology so I didn’t know these requirements.

If you explain to me how to recognize the software that uses “native messaging” I will inform you if I know someone in portable version.

Today I use as portable software Chrome, firefox, Thunderbird, filezilla, openoffice, in the pc I install only windows and xmodules because moreover I find everything in portable version, it would be nice to have even portable xmodules.


While I was researching other native messaging apps to use an example, I found the password manager Enpass - and it comes with a portable version of its native app :slight_smile:


So,… thanks for the great post and useful suggestion.

=> I added “portable XModules” to our todo list :slight_smile:

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Thanks @admin

The interesting thing about portable software is that you can keep them in a pendrive and you can use them by connecting the pendrive to the pc and therefore if you have several machines with ease can use the pendrive in all machines and software work right away because in the dedicated folder already contain all the files necessary for operation. It would be very nice to have xmodules in the folder with the datasources and macros of ui vision RPA and then use it in a pc simply with pendrive.

Firefox and Chrome portable work like this, you install it in a folder in the pendrive and after you can use/move it on any machine, just connect the pendrive and the software works and all the time files remain saved in the pendrive.