XModules Fedora Support

Some users have asked about Fedora support: We are interested to know whether we can get the UI Vision Xmodules working on different distros of Linux like Fedora, Centos apart from Ubuntu. We have a requirement to automate a desktop application along with the browser automation on different operating systems. We have tested this on Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and Mint which is working fine but also need it for Fedora and Centos.

Thanks for asking. Current Fedora status:

  • The UI.Vision RPA core works fine on Fedora.

  • Visual Browser Automation (XClick…) works fine on Fedora (see screenshot below)

  • Visual Desktop Automation is only partly supported:

    • XType | text works
    • XClick | x,y works (with coordinates input)
    • XClick | image.png - not supported yet(*)
    • XClick | ocr=text - not supported yet(*)

(*) The technical reason for this is that the RPA software can not take desktop screenshots on Fedora (yet). So it is blind.

A workaround at this point is to switch back to Xorg instead of Wayland. You can switch to Xorg from Wayland very easily, though. Here’s a link that will show you how to do it: https://itsfoss.com/switch-xorg-wayland/

Other screenshot tools like Shutter or KSnip also lack Wayland support (yet).
The same issue as on Fedora we have on Red Hat and Centos.


Visual Browser Automation works fine (because here the browser takes the screenshots for us):

Visual Desktop Automation: => “Native host has exited.” error

Released today: XModules V2021-3 brings full Fedora support!

We added generic Wayland support, so it works on CentOS and RedHat, too.