Xclick very slow in executing the click

I’m currently using the current version of ui vision RPA with 64 bit chrome. All the functions regarding visionsearch are working perfectly and detect the image that needs to be clicked almost instantly. However, after the image is detected by xclick function, XClick takes additional 5 seconds to actually click on the found image. This could be because of 2 reasons:
1- The Xclick clicking part is not optimized
2- The Xclick function is trying to find all instances and click on the best match.
I believe it is more of the latter case. Even though the Visionsearch function seems to return with all matches almost instantaneously. Anyway, I would like to know whether there is a way to make the XClick function abandon it’s search faster or begin the clicking faster. In other words, I would like to know if there is a way to force the XClick function to interrupt it’s searching and click the very first instance it has found immediately and conclude it’s own execution faster, abandoning further searches of more instances as a result.

Hi, can you please add a screen video (screencast) of this issue? Then I might be able to see what goes wrong.

Once the image is found, the XClick should be almost instant.

If you have a large screen (maybe even HiDPI) then you can speed up the image search by limiting the image search area. But since you mention that the image is found almost immediately, speed does not seem to be a problem here.

Thank you for the reply.
Honestly I was not expecting help so soon.
Here’s a demonstration video.
You can see that the second instance of XClick lags as much as the first instance even though the screen calibration is supposedly should be only done once.
Hope it helps.
Kind regards.

EDIT: I just wanted to add that in this gif the timescale is halfed so it takes twice as long as presented in there.

Thanks, I see the issue now. Two more quesitons:

  • What browser is this? Chrome, Firefox or Edge?
  • What OS? Win, Mac or Linux?

The browser, the OS, and the application are all 64-bit. Chrome-Windows-Intelx64.