XClick moves mouse to incorrect position

I am using the XClick command on the Chrome browser extension on the Google homepage to navigate to the images tab. I uploaded the following image of where I want to click:

And the following code correctly identifies the location of the Images button:

  "Command": "open",
  "Target": "https://www.google.com/",
  "Value": ""
  "Command": "XClick",
  "Target": "Images.png@0.5",
  "Value": ""

The problem is that is moves the mouse to the incorrect position:

As you can see in the above image, the correct button location is identified, but instead of moving the mouse to it, the mouse is moved to the top left corner of the web page.

As much as I would like to have a solution for you, Kantu does not currently support dual monitors. I believe this issue is being worked on. However, we have not heard much on it for a while.

Link to the bug report: [issue #41] XClick dual monitor support

So I switched over to using a single monitor and it still misses, just now it is up and to the right rather than the left.

Is the screen you switched to smaller than the screen you recorded the script on? Because the script may be trying to click at the coordinates that you set on the other screen which could be different from the coordinates on your new screen.

So I didn’t hard code in coordinates since I was under the impression that when you pass an image to XClick it will set the correct coordinates. That being said, I used the same monitor to take a screenshot as I used to run the test.