XClick doing nothing on Mac (Big Sur)

I compiled a macro on a PC and transferred it over to my coworker on a Mac (Big Sur). Both using latest version of Chrome. The macro worked flawlessly on my computer. When I ran it on his computer the Macro said it executed the XClick (xy coordinates) but nothing happened on the screen. I tried it a variety of different ways on his computer using the OCR (worked on my PC), using different coordinates, running scripts with nothing but a click, activating the window, not activating the window.

When we ran the XClick Demo the same thing happened. The drawing website opened and then it didn’t progress past the popup graphic.

Looking in his Security & Privacy > Accessibility the kantu-xy-host had access. He didn’t have any of the kantu permissions in either Files and Folders or Screen Recording (not sure if that matters for XClick).

Any other steps we should try to get XClick working?

Screen recording is needed for XClick with image input (as it searches the screen for the image). Even if you use pure x/y, I suggest to enable that as a test.

Thanks for the tip. We added both kantu-cv-host and kantu-xy-host to Screen Recording but are still not getting XClick to work. Tried both with coordinates and OCR with no luck.