Why does my macro stop by itself?

Hi community ui vision, I’m new to this forum, I have a problem with my macro and it runs for a short time and then stops, I get this message

[info] Macro was stopped manually (Runtime 145.71s)

please help i want it to run 24/7

Does any macro stop like this, or “only” this one macro?

And does it happen always, or “only” sometimes?

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Hi, I have 5 macros with the same settings and they all stop after a short period

last messages of my macros:

info]Macro completed (Runtime 31942.70s)
[info]Macro completed (Runtime 32126.29s)
[info]Macro completed (Runtime 31909.64s)

I also got a notification from google chrome saying that ui vision has crashed (in the 2 other macros)