visualSearch - found several object - loop on all


I’m using command visualSearch to find elements to click. On each element is popup with file, for download.

Documentation says, visualSearch will found all matches. I have number of matches in variable. But is there any option, to choose each match? I need to click on every element, which visualSearch found. Now I have only one element - best match.


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I understand the issue. The solution will be to have the Position parameter also for visual search. => It is already on our todo list for future updates :slight_smile:

hi, thank you for response. I have to use another solution. But I have to say, that you are doing great work :slight_smile:

thank you

Hello, +1 for this question. I have three identical buttons on the page, which I have to click in turn. At the moment I get the coordinates of only one of the buttons in $ {!ImageX / Y}.

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