VisualSearch Error in Ver. 5.75

With ver 5.75, suddenly VisualSearch results in error “Cannot read property ‘imageUrl’ of null” when an image can’t be located. It should result in the count variable being set to zero. VisualSearch should never cause an error.

Can you post a screenshot of this error? I can not recreate “Cannot read property ‘imageUrl’ of null” .

But I found that visualSearch does not give an error if the input image is missing. This is a bug and will be fixed.

Did you mean that it DOES give an error if the input image is missing? Since this is work related, not comfortable to post screen image. This one is pretty straight forward and screen image wouldn’t add anything.

In my test, it did NOT give an error, but it should.

“Your” bug seems to be something different. Can you post a screenshot of just the UIvision Log field screen or simply post the exact VisualSearch command that gives this error?

I was able to fix the problem by deleting and then adding the same image again.