V7.0.7 executeScript_Sandbox errors

How can I reuse V6.3.3? Is there a link to download it? With V7.0.7, I can’t even save data to my csv. And just a few moment ago, I can’t even run a script with command
store | fast | !replaySpeed

How can I fix this? Or could I go back to V6.3.3 just to keep maintaining my workflow in this moment?

@admin @ulrich

How can I csvSaveArray in this new version?

The What’s New section you posted actually explains it: To use arrays you must now use executeScript instead of executeScript_sandbox. In my understanding this should be the only change you need to make when you get these errors.

  • Error in executeScript_Sandbox code: Cannot set property '5' of undefined
  • Array must be two dimensional array

For details see

i have some kind of error like that

Could you make a V6.3.3 archive instead? I have so many macro running with executeScript_Sandbox and I can’t fix them all right now. @ulrich