Using "IF" to read text and create a path

Hey there,

I have been working on a script and I always face the same error. Here’s the current automation, followed by what I’d like to achieve:

  • Open a page
  • Click on a brand name
  • Click on the button “Apply”
    A modal opens
  • Click on “Apply” again
  • Recharge the page
    → here I have the same list of brands, without the one I just applied to. I put the Macro on a loop as the new brand just disappeared

BUT sometimes, the button shows “Re-Apply” and when the page charges again, it is exactly the same page so I’m stuck in a loop with this Re-Apply button.

Is there a way to say “read text”, “if text = Apply” then click, “if text = Re Apply” then close and click on the following line?

Anybody has a solution?

Ps: I’m super new to this tool and tech in general, but I learned a lot thanks to this community :slight_smile:

This macro seems simple the only complex part is “Recharge the page” because when you recharge the page can show bug of connection of the page

To avoid bug you must never recharge the page

Thank you for the input! Indeed, I could avoid recharging the page and just opening the modal when it is written “Re-Apply”. Any idea how to create the part where it only clicks if the text on the button as Apply and goes down to the next button if it’s not?

Thank you!