Unable to delete default Untitled macro

I enabled the Kantu extension and opened it.
There is a macro “Untitled” which is open by default.
I am unable to close, save or delete this macro.
When I click on another macro or create new macro, I get the message to save this unsaved macro. But I am unable to save it too.

Attached screenshot for reference.
Any suggestions?

What happens if you press “Discard”?

Thanks for your response.
If I press “Discard”, the popup message disappears.
Still I am unable to open other files or create a new macro.

I get this sometimes when trying to rename a macro (in Chrome). Have you tried to just close Kantu and Firefox. And then try again?

In my case, just today, I could not rename a folder. So I close Kantu, close Chrome. When I got back, I can rename/delete the folder.

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I did this multiple times with no luck. I am thinking of uninstalling the extension and reinstalling it again. Shall let you know if that helps.

I just noticed that the tool tip on the icon says “UI.Vision Kantu for Chrome” (attached screenshot)
Can it be that the firefox addon was not rightly installed?
Where can I check this?

Reinstalling the extension did not work :frowning:
Face the same issue

The “chrome” text in the tooltip is just a tiny bug… nothing serious. But for your main issue: => Can you record a screencast of the problem? So it happens again even after you closed and re-opened the UI.Vision app?

Yes. The issue happens again even after you closed and re-opened the UI.Vision app.

I have created the screencast, but there is no option to attach videos to the post.
Can you please tell me how I to attach the video.

This has been an issue for a while with Kantu on Firefox. The Chrome version is way better, but if you have to use Firefox, remove Kantu and then go to this link:


Refresh Firefox, then reinstall Kantu.

Issue persists after refresh and reinstall :frowning:

Screencast of the problem

I am having the same issue and cannot select a different macro in the list to edit.

@Aravind_Gurumurthi Thanks for the screencast. I never saw this issue before. Question: Do you get the same issue in Chrome as well?

@Craig_Frazier Same question for you: Chrome and/Firefox?

No. It works fine in Chrome. The issue is with Firefox only.

Any updates on this please?