Unable to click link

I am a new user of ui.vision and have started using this tool to automate some of the testing process. However, I am not able to select a link in a Main Menu (organized as different tabs).
During execution, it always gives me error “timeout reached when looking for element ‘linkText=EVENTS’”. This happens to only links embedded as tabs in home page. Is there a way to navigate around this?

Do you have a link to the website or a screenshot for us?

Please find the snapshot of the links that I am trying to click. I am trying to navigate to tabs - Events, Enquiry etc., I am unable to share the entire page as it is a client website.

Something is wrong with the locator linkText=EVENTS - Uivision does not find it on the page. This can have many reasons. With tabs, often some Javascript code that is used to create the tabs makes the automating tricky.

I see two options:

  1. Try to find another Selenium IDE locator that works. Probably doable, but it can by tricky.

  2. Easy solution: Use a visual GUI locator. In this case it would be XClick | “image of events tab”:

  • XClick |e1

Thank you for your help. Let me give it a try!