UI.Vision RPA was working in last month. Now it is continuously randomly throwing Error #101

Error #101: UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab

Till Last month, it was working fine. But today, when I try to use, it is keep throwing this error.
Any bug in the latest version? Why this error started now?

When I try to run the macro from saved html file, it starts the UI.Vision RPA chrome extension but doesn’t run the macro. Even if i click on play macro button manually, it didn’t run.

I then imported the macro into extension from the html file and then clicking on play macro worked, but it keeps failing in between with Error #101. Why?

I am using Chrome browser.

Can you post your macro code please ?

Sometimes this error can be a wrong command, sometimes it seems a random error present in all ui vision version (and in Katalon Recorder too).

Does every macro fail?