Ui.vision - if vs if_v1 vs if_v1_deprecated vs if_v2

I was using if in Chrome; exported my script to import it into Firefox to find that all my if’s got renamed to if_v1_deprecated and my while to while_v1_deprecate.

I changed that from if_v1_deprecated to if_v2 to get the script to work in Firefox… but got stuck on:

Setting file path fo file inputs is not supported by Firefox extension api yet

… a little typo “fo file” should probably read “to file” (I think) :slightly_smiling_face:

So now I am back in Chrome… but what should I use? Should I keep my if’s as is, or rename them to if_v2?

Thank you!

The if_v2 command may not work for you because of this syntax change between if_v1 and if_v2.
I use the if_v2 command in firefox and it works perfectly

So in Chrome I am using just


I just noticed that Chrome is not allowing me to use anything else.
Thank you.