The pro api key is invalid

Could you check my pro pdf key’s status?
The API response an error: “invalid key”



Are you maybe using the free endpoint at

=> Please use the PRO endpoints at apipro[XX] instead. The exact endpoint URLs can be found in the original email with the API key.

PS: The PRO endpoints are also faster :slight_smile:

I didn’t get a link to a Pro endpoint when I bought it. Only the key.

Strange, because the list of PRO endpoints is usually in the same email as the API key. But just email us at team AT and we can tell you the endpoints. In your email just mention this forum post.

I use this API endpoint “” for 2 years.
But suddenly, it response an error: “The API key is invalid”.
And I forgot the email which used to subscribe.
But I can provide the full API KEY.

@harryliu No problem, just email us at team AT and we can sort this out. In your email, please mention this forum post.

The free endpoint is only for free users, so the PRO api key does not work on it. This is to protect our PRO users against unexpected downtimes. The PRO endpoints use faster servers, have less load and are redundant.