Target xclick in runweb

Hi guys.

I’m putting XClick with xModules running via browser click ( but how can I get the target image?
I can send the target via base64 or put the image url.

Thank you

This is a good question. Currently embedded macros do not support including images for XClick or the other visual commands. But this is on our todo list.

As workaround, maybe you can use OCR? e. g. XClick (ocr=text)

Thank you,
How would I do it?

I am not sure what your last question is about. => Do what? :wink:

How would I do the OCR workaround?

One possible solution to my runweb demand would be to download (onDownload) the images saved in the folder C:\Users\user_name\Desktop\kantu\images, but I can’t change the folder onDownload and then run xClick reading the folder C:\Users\user_name\Desktop\kantu\images


If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact us directly and we can create a custom build that supports loading images via URL on short notice as part of the included free tech support.

For the free version, adding URL support is on our todo list. If you are interested in beta testing this feature, please also contact us directly. But it might take a few weeks for us to get to this.

I guess my point is, please contact us and quote this post. Then we can discuss the options.