Tab Open sometimes open multiple tabs without reason

I use firefox 66 with 32 bit with Kantu 4.0.1

I usually start my macro in new tab but sometimes with kantu i find a bug, i find 2 or 3 tabs open with the same site loaded.

To open a new tab i use this command

  "Command": "selectWindow",
  "Target": "TAB=OPEN",
  "Value": "

Why sometimer i find 2 or 3 tabs with the same site loaded in all tabs ?

I run 1 macro and i start my macro always from tab 1.

I think there is a problem with cache, usually to solve i delete cookie anch cache, restart firefox and usually this bug is solved but after few minutes can retourn.

In the log show 1 only command


Executing: | selectWindow | TAB=OPEN | *ttps:// |


Executing: | pause | 10000 | |

Can you check and fix this bug please ?

P.S.: Removed https to edit link active

Thanks, have a nice day

We will work on this issue soon. It is the same issue as reported here: Launching from cmd opens multiple Kantu windows

Thanks @admin for support

Hi @admin

The bug is in the command

selectWindow | TAB=OPEN | ht*ps://

Today when I execute 1 command like this Kantu open 5 tabs with the same url.

To temporaney solve this bug need delete cache and cookie and restart firefox but it’s a bug to be solved very soon.

Have a nice day

This issue should be solved with V5.0

It’s back, unfortunately :frowning:

This bug is still present in Kantu 5 I think it manifests when the connection is slow to load the site in the Open command.

Yeah unfortunately this bug is still happening to me after the last update