Suggestion: Add a "Delete all CSV" option/button/checkbox to Kantu for Chrome/Firefox

Hello there community

Just a quick suggestion, It would be great if there is an option that allows the user to delete all the CSV files at once. I currently working with over 46 files that I need to delete and re upload on a daily basis. If i try to upload and overwrite the existing files sometimes (and for some reason) the files get corrupted or the data inside the files get all mess up.


Thanks for the good suggestion. This feature will be in the next update.

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That’s Awesome! thank you!!!

I would suggest also to have text-related filter, example:
| deleteCsv | all | | = deletes all csvs
| deleteCsv | text | “testCsv” | = delete all that contain this text
| deleteCsv | notText | “testCsv” | = delete all that doesn’t contain this text
This would be quite convenient and flexible =)
How do you think?

The new beta version already has a solution built-in:

LocalStorageExport | log | #DeleteAfterExport (new feature)
LocalStorageExport | list.csv | #DeleteAfterExport
LocalStorageExport | screenshot.png | #DeleteAfterExport

You can now delete logs, CSV and screenshots.

That was fast! Thank you!

Question. How do i get access to the new beta version? How and where Can I run this commands?

Thank you again

You find the current beta version here. Note that this link might change with future updates, so best if you subscribe to our beta newsletter.