Store whole session in a folder

Hello I’d like to store the whole session inside a folder

For example: It creates a folder named “Session-08-27-2021-14-53-34” and store everything from screenshots and saved csv there. I already used File System mode since I’m a personal user, but it just mixes up in the screenshot folder and the other csv files.

Is this possible to do? Thanks

What does this mean? What does it mix up?

No this is not possible you MUST use the default name folder to save all datas.

You can change only the general folder name and set it in settings but internal folder name are automatic and can not edit.

Screenshot will bensaved in screenshots folder inside the folder setted in settings.

okay, but is it possible to just create a folder without any user interactions?

Yes you can create custom folder but ui vision can not use it like folder to save datas

how do i do it then? I mean without using desktop automation like simulating right click then new folder

You can use batch file or powershell script to create and manage folder and files without using desktop automation

With Xrun you can run external script from ui vision