Start firefox, play loop

Hello all,

I have a macro for a webpage which assign issues to the different users.
It loops the macro like 600 times a day (it never reaches the 600 times, just a high number to be sure it doesn’t finish before time)
Also a script that kills the browser at 6pm, this is the time we finish the work, but i have to do the most important thing that is start the job al 8am. It should autostart assign issues at 8am.

Is there any option to autostart the macro at 8am with 600 loops?Any option even to start firefox with the macro and 600 loops? Any example? I am using Ubuntu if it helps.

On Ubuntu you can schedule tasks with Crontab and use it to start Kantu via its command line

Now, if started via command line you can play macros, but not loop them. But there are two solutions to loop:

  • Start a test suite instead of a macro. For test suites you can set the loop parameter for each macro in the suite.

  • Or do the loop inside the macro with while / endWhile or label / GotoLabel