Software keeps getting worse

What the hell are the devs doing here?

What exactly gets worse? I think it is just the opposite: The RPA tool is progressing nicely. Useful new features are added and I have not seen any new regression bugs recently, maybe except the rather harmless “turns white” issue? Is there anything else I missed?

Ui vision has improved a lot in recent years, it is true that it has still unsolved bugs such as “error #101: UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab” but overall it is an excellent software.
It is true that it is quite complex to use and often you have to think a lot of time to make a good automation but it is able to automate things impossible for other software

Keeps crashing, CSV read repeats first line of text even if excluded in the sequence, not connected to browser error

@Bruce_Whitehill I see that you reported the same(?) issue in the past e. g. here and here - but whenever we or someone else asked for more details to understand and recreate the error, you refuse to answer.

So can you please provide a test macro for any of these issues that you see? Or at least a video of it happening? Once we can recreate an issue, we can usually fix it rather quickly.

Alternatively, our RPA software is open-source, so you are welcome to have a go at debugging the issue yourself, if you prefer.

I have to disagree with Bruce_Whitehill!

Any reported bug is fixed quickly and I can see there are constant enhancements happening to their kantu software. I also appreciate that they are always extremely responsive to issues reported. Overall the application is very stable and doing what it suppose to do.

So if I have to say the kantu app goes downhill then it’s only because of their ORC solution:
The only thing I have to complain about is that they are totally focusing on their ORC solutions right now. Everything seems to be about ORC. This is and will be always not just put the automation into slower process but is also very unreliable in execution as those page elements needs to be visible. I have many instances where I can’t see my elements to click on unless I scroll the page. I try to avoid their X-Commands as much as possible. Sometimes I wonder if they use their product outside their testing environments. Those ORC are great but for me mostly useless in my automation environment.

Instead I wish they would focus on resolving the “Xpath shadow-root” issue that makes writing Kantu automations impossible if “Xpath shadow-root” used in a web site. I know that can be resolved within the Kantu engine but SEEMS TO HAVE VERY LOW OR NON PRIORITY! There are “JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver” that could be integrated to give access to those hidden HTML tags. Other software out there is doing this already but do not provide such an amazing User Interface Kantu as is doing.

If you want to push your application into a “professional software” “JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver” for Xpath shadow-root" is a must! Otherwise the software will stay as a “basic application” that can only be used with compromises. I very very much hope this request will be considered as serious, because I still love Kantu and don’t want to lose it in my daily working routines.

It’s a very clear and specific bug. The first line of the CSV gets repeated when it’s not included in the sequence.

Too much time to find a website and record it and post it