Show RPA Extension Window in Firefox Sidebar

iMacros used to be available in the Firefox sidebar.

The current standard Firefox sidebar can display Bookmarks, History or Synced Tabs.
However, I have installed two extensions; Tree Style Tab and Sage-Like that can alternatively be displayed in the Sidebar.

It would be extremely useful and helpful if the RPA Extension could also be displayed in the sidebar (like my other two extensions). .

Currently, I find it difficult to use the extension Window as it covers the Browser.
(It worked great in the old versions of iMacros).

Also I am a former user of imacros and when I started using ui vision I asked for this function but I think that with modern browsers it is not possible also the ui vision gui is very large and could not be docked in the browser sidebar.

Even in recent versions of imacros the gui was no longer hooked to the browser and was a simple window

Hi newuserkantu,

I think that it should be possible to display the gui in the sidebar. As I mentioned, I have two other extensions that are shown in the sidebar of the latest Firefox version.

At least it should be possible to dock the gui to the left of the browser. This was possible with the latest version of iMacros.

Waiting @admin for suggestion

Hi @Viking - as @newuserkantu mentioned, we would love to have a browser sidebar feature for UIV. And while Firefox (still?) supports sidebars, Chrome and Edge have no sidebar support. That is also the reason why the iMacros for Chrome “sidebar” is a free floating window, not a real browser sidebar.

See also here:

We are considering doing a GUI redesign to make the UIV window “less fat” - so it can be placed next to the browser more easily.

Hi @admin

When the new gui is ready it would be nice to be able to preview it here on the forum to evaluate advice on how to organize it.

My idea was to create a complete gui (like the current gui very large) and a reduced gui with the minimum necessary functions and through a menu to be able to choose which gui to use.

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Hi @newuserkantu and others: We created the first mockups for the upcoming new sidebar, comments welcome:

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