Shell ,Leave browser window open

I am working on running as script from my software. I can shell however I need to close the browser window to continue execution of my software.
My program flow is as follows…

  1. Log on the the website
  2. Paste the csv file to the clipboard
  3. Through my script paste the clipboard value to a field and the website uses pasted value to get inventory details
  4. Through my script scan write values to a csv file
  5. Process the next csv file (There are multiples)
  6. Then Log out of the website.
    I can execute the script to log on to the website. However I must close the browser before I can begin processing the csv files.
    Options …
  7. Using Shell Leave the browser open … I have not found any option
  8. Be able to paste the contents of a csv file to a clipboard through the script
  9. Be able to handle multiple csv files through the script
    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All these works can be done witu ui vision no need other sofware to do this job

I am trying to do this without the need to open/close/reopen the browser window.

i don’t understand what’s the problem with ui vision you can do the job, you don’t need your software you can only use ui vision for this job.

It’s a simple job, start with ui vision