Send keys to body-element

I’ve a web page with AngularJS. The body-element captures all keyboard inputs with ng-keyup.
How can i simulate a user input?

I already tried type, XType, sendKeys,… Nothing works.
With XType it works to send control codes to the webpage like CTRL+S (opens the Save page dialog) but nothing else. All functions works only with input fields.

How can i send a text like “123456${KEY_ENTER}” to the page so that ng-keyup/ng-keypress gets the entered characters?

XType should work fine. So far it has worked with all websites that I used it on. => Do you have a link to a test page? Maybe some AngularJS demo page?

Edit: I have one idea what might be wrong: For XType, did you make sure that the right page element/input box has the focus? => It is best to have an XClick before Xtype:

  • XClick | locator of body element/input box
  • XType | 123456${KEY_ENTER}

On another computer the same script with the same macro works fine after i added the suggested XClick.

But it still doesn’t work on my developer computer (tested in Chrome and Firefox):

  • open: Opens the URL
  • XClick: Clicks the body
  • XType: Nothing happens

On your developer computer, does DemoXClick and DmeoXType work?

Is this a Mac? Then see here:

No it’s a Windows 10 computer.
After resetting the browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE) to factory defaults it works now.